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30 years of Yoga Practice, the understanding of the total

Therapeutic Yoga

With 30 years of yoga practice and teaching and having concluded successfully several groups of Yoga Teacher Training Courses, I am now proposing a deeper level of training but within a different concept with especofic workshops directed to yoga teachers or practtioners interested in deepening their understanding and knowledge of yoga.

In this second cycle of Master Classes we will bring our attention into Therapeutic Yoga. The practice of yoga has a broad spectrum of consequences and one of them is the medical part. We learn how to prevent injuries and how to heal them. Once we have understood in ourselves the principles of the body in motion, being calm, centered, strong and flexible, we can broaden our horizon and hopefully help others.

The Concept :- Teaching, correcting, adjusting

When we teach, correct or adjust our students or ourselves in each and every pose, whether in a simple posture or a so called advanced, first we need to know what are the priorities we need to follow in each case; what is our base, or rooting or stability, where are we going to, what are the directions, and than very important we need to learn how to look and see.
We need some anatomical knowledge of the body in movement, and some common sense. We need to understand the posture and we need to know at what level the person is and what are her/his priorities at that specific moment.
Before correcting anyone, or placing our hands to adjust, we must know for sure and feel intuitively what the person needs or what the person can handle. It is not about us, teachers, but about giving the necessary tool to help someone go into the next level, and in that we are all different.
To know, to feel, to see are the crucial ingredients!

In Therapeutic Yoga we need more than ever to be able to look and see correctly.

We will practice the different sequence according to the classical yoga tradition. Meditation and breath awareness, vayus and pranayamas are essential to this type of work. The vayus are of special importance in solving injuries.


6 weekends, once a month

The participants receive the notes reffering to the subject handled.

The number of applications is limited to 12 people.
At registration 70% of the total needs to be paid.
Total cost 540€

Participation at one workshop 120€

Registration through email teresa@studioasana.com

When and where


1st Standing postures 26/27 November - foot, lower leg, knee, thigh: walking

2th Sitting postures 17/18 December – hip and pelvis: pelvic floor: menstruation, menopause

3nd Backbending 28/29 January – lumbar area and abdomen: internal organs

4th Forwardbending 25/26 February – chest area, hart: breathing and hart problems

5rd Hand balancings 11/12 March – hands and arms: emotions in the closet

6th Inversions 22/23 April – shoulders, neck, head: headache, anxiety, hormones

From 09.00 to 13.00 and 14.30 to 16.30
Location: Silves, Rua da Misericórdia 2

tel 916621310

Still to come


Mobile 00351 916621310


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